Engage Your Team!

Bring your team out for a day of stress busting, adrenaline pumping and sunshine filled fun! Combat Zone exclusively hosts private paintball games which makes us well suited for corporate and other group events. We plan our games are according to your group. You can choose to challenge your team with strategy oriented games like Recon, go for the classic Call of Duty play out, have some fun in a bunny suit or all of the above! Let your team try something new, foster stronger relationships, challenge themselves and have some fun outdoors with paintball. For more information call us at 905 591 0999 or send us an email at jpatterson54@rogers.com.

What we offer      

- Over 20 different game scenarios to engage your team and keep it fun for every member

- Half or full day sessions (Costs cover insurance, equipment, food* and water for the day)

- Large outdoor field of over 100 acres with friendly and experienced staff 

- Photos are taken free of charge

- Safety goggles and other equipment included

*All-you-can-eat BBQ lunch depends on type of session



We hear a good dose of paintball helps:

-Foster team spirit
-Improve communication between employees
-Boost team morale
-Improve problem solving skills
-Mentally and physically engage employees
-Identify strong team members
-Gage employee performance under pressure

There's nothing like some physical activity to get that adrenaline pumping and unleash all that stress!

Our Experience

Combat Zone is one of the oldest paintball companies still around. We are entering into our 35th season of operation this year. 

Since we started, we have hosted large corporate groups including manufacturing facilities,
branches and plants. We have done team scenarios where different branches have played each
other to build communication skills and familiarity within larger enterprises and subsidiaries. We
have also hosted international corporate executives for serious military training based programs
that are extremely strategy oriented and entail numerous challenges. This is in addition to the
stag groups, professional and amateur sports teams, media groups, music artists and the like
that have played on our grounds.


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For more booking info call us at 905 591 0999 or send us an email at jpatterson54@rogers.com