Got some questions? We have the answers for you!


What is the minimum age to play?

For safety reasons, all participants must be 12 years of age or over. No exceptions! Participants below 18 years of age need a form of consent (waiver) signed by the parent or legal guardian. No form, no play! All of this is provided at the time of booking.


What should I bring when I come?

Energy, determination and a smile. We provide the rest! All the equipment, including full coverage face mask/goggles, is given to you on site. Camouflage is available for rent at $10. We recommend you to wear sturdy footwear like work or hiking boots but running shoes will suffice.


Are outside paintballs allowed?

No, only Combat Zone paintballs are allowed! You can buy additional paintballs if needed; they are $10.00/100.


Do you host corporate events?

Yes! As we do exclusively private paintball games, that makes us perfectly suited to corporate events or corporate team building exercises. The entire experience is tailored to meet the needs of each particular group. You can get more information on our corporate bookings page. 


How much do you charge?

Please visit our Sessions and Rates page for more information 


How big are your fields?

Glad you asked! We have over 100 acres of land containing 5 different plating fields with barricades, bunkers, drums and the like to give you all the space you need to out run your opponents or catch them!


What kinds of games can my team play?

We offer 20 different game scenarios available. For a full list of games visit our About page. 

Are your fields open all year round?

We operate from April to December each year. This is of course subject to weather conditions. Drop us a line and we can let you know if we’re taking bookings!


Are drop-ins allowed?

No drop-ins allowed. You have to call well ahead of the day you plan to play and book your session. This allows us to ensure that scenarios and programming for the day are customized to your group.


Where are you located?

We are located just north east of Whitby, just 50 minutes from Toronto. Directional maps are available once you book your session.


Can I dress like the bunny in those other pictures?

Yes, yes you most definitely can!


How can I contact you?

Give us a call at 905 591 0999 or drop us an email at